Organization Chart

Pioneering Online Platforms

iMAGERY SPECTRUM · Progressive Projects

The Holding Project, iMAGERY SPECTRUM englobes all the projects developed since 2005. It includes all the online platforms developed, as well as the offline projects.

iMAGERY AFFAIRS · Art Agency & Consulting

Consulting dedicated to the planning, direction and execution of cultural events for some of the most active cultural venues of the World, in collaboration with artists, critics, curators, collectors, agents and other professionals of the cultural field.  Engaging the highest quality of criteria and execution, our endeavors include the organization of specialized Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions, Screenings, Essays, Publications, Conferences, and Symposiums. Other customized consulting and broadcast services on demand are specifically appropriate for collectors, institutions and contemporary artists.

iMAGERY MOTION · Video Art World

Founded in 2005, the VideoArtWorld project is responsible of creating and establishing the international market standards for the appropriate collection, preservation and divulgation of audiovisual art in the XXI Century.  Its pioneering model promotes a clear, solid and extremely attractive market for this vital means of expression, focusing on enhancing in its value and historical significance within contemporary art.

iMAGERY DIMENSION · Innovative Art Collective

In an effort to create alternative realities for the industry of thought, this international artist network is dedicated to the contemporary research on innovative artistic technologies and mediums, arranged under photography, audiovisual, technological and plastic practices.  The network encourages creators to exercise their rights on authorship, using licenses that best suit each specific creation, medium and scope.

iMAGERY HAMPTONS · Community Culture

Our first community network has been founded on the idea that the proper fusion of creativity and technology would generate an inspirational source on the life and textures of a given region.  It proposes a handcrafed digital cartography, through both its app and its online guide, designed to develop a more vibrant digital ecosystem for the local commerce, culture of the community, and serving as a great starting point to discover it.

iMAGERY EVOLUTION · Sensorial Thrive Space

This upcoming project integrates a number of methods towards the perceptive and imaginary development of the human being. Curriculum includes activities based upon knowledge from ancestral cultures and specialized disciplines, programmed to promote the sensorial thrive and facilitate the receptive and creative abilities of each individual. Following techniques of relaxation, visualization, bio-energetic, neuro-linguistic and artistic-metaphoric, we would discover and work on possible blockages which interfere with the natural creative flow of the human being and their conscious connection with the perceptible and imperceptible reality.