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During the 8 years period between 2001 and 2009, Macu Moran worked as Director of New Markets for artnet Worldwide Corporation, in charge of the Ibero-american and Australian market, as well as south of Europe, including Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. She was also in charge of the then upcoming art markets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Wynwood district, Miami.

Moran collaborated on the strategic redesign of the portal towards the non-English speaking markets, developing a more visual way of navigating and implementing sections such as the Events page, nowadays one of the most valuable sections of the portal. Furthermore she collaborated as writer for Walter Robinson online Magazine. Nowadays she manages the service of artnet online auctions for the private collectors she consult on sales and acquisitions.


Since 1954, PR Newswire as the largest company of press releases and news distribution across the globe, reaching 22.000 journalists of newspapers, radio and TV, through their connection with the major press agencies such as: Associated Press in USA, Press Association in UK, AFP Direct in France, DPA in Germany, Europa Press in Spain, AsiaNet and XINHUA in China, KK Kyodo in Japan, and 25 other countries national press associations.

Since 2010, Macu Moran works as agent for the distribution of cultural press releases, promoting art and cultural events directly arriving at the desk of the cultural journalists of every country, as one of the most efficient national and international promotion these cultural press releases can get.


Art|Basel Switzerland. Art Lobby at the Art Unlimited Hall. Messeplatz, 1. 4058, Basel. Switzerland.

Friday, 6th of June. 2008. 2pm. Talk: How contemporary art would be without video?. Organized by Macu Moran. Moderated by Berta Sichel. Participating artists: Juliao Sarmento, Adrian Paci, Hans Op de Beeck and Hiraki Sawa.

Friday, 9th of June. 2009. 2pm. Talk: Changes in representation in Art and Science. Organized and Moderated by researcher Macu Moran. Participating: Michael Doser, Deputy Director, Physics Department European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva and Don Foresta, Founder, Researcher and Artist, Coordinator of Multimedia Art Research Centres and Electronic Laboratories (MARCEL).

artforum lila

ARTFORUM is the world’s most influential contemporary art magazine. Since its creation in 1962,ARTFORUM continues to explore innovative developments in contemporary art and culture. In addition to visual arts it covers fashion, photography, architecture, film, music, the web and numerous full-page advertisements from the exhibition agenda of prominent galleries around the world.

Since the launch of the online project VideoArtWorld in 2005, publisher Knight Landesman has collaborated with a complimentary subscription to the magazine for Macu Moran, and better rates on advertising for our proprietary wallet of clients.


MNCARS Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Ronda de Atocha, 2. 28012, Madrid. Spain.

Wednesday, 2nd of March, 2012. 12pm. Press Conference: I Festival Miradas de Mujer (FMM). Participating: Nieves Correa (artist), Macu Morán (curator), Raquel Ponce (gallerist), Rocío de la Villa (President of Association Women in Visual Arts MAV) and Mareta Espinosa (FMM director).

Saturday, 14th of June, 2010. 7.30pm. Multimedia Concert: Balance. Produced by: Isaac Julien (Visual Artist) and Maria del Alvear (Composer).

Saturday, 7th of June, 2010. 7.30pm. Multimedia Concert: Beyond Us. Produced by: Ana de Alvear (Visual Artist) and Eduardo Polonio (Composer).

22nd of September to 23rd of October, 2008. Cycle: Jack Smith. Kill time – See a movie. Directed by: Berta Sichel, curated by Bob Nickasand and coordinated by Julieta Roitman.

Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou. Place George Pompidou. 75004, Paris. France.

Friday, 16th of December. 2010. 8pm. VIVA Collections on Tour. Presented by Macu Morán.

Francis Alÿs / Joost Bakker / Rui Calçada Bastos / Martha Colburn / Douwe Dijkstra / Nathalie Djurberg / Ana de Alvear / Anthony Goicolea / Sofia Hultén / Isaac Julien / Floris Kaayk / Simone Lecca / Wolfgang Lehmann / Joanneke Meester  / Yusuke Sakamoto / Andrezza Valentin & Guilherme Marcondes


Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. 4-7-25 Kitashinagawa. 140-0001, Tokyo. Japan.

Saturday & Sunday, November 13th & 14th, 2010. 2pm. VIVA Collections on Tour. Presented by Macu Morán

Participating Artists: Francis Alÿs / Darya von Berner / Mit Borrás / Manon Bovenkerk / Rui Calçada Bastos / ChunTeng Chu / Martha Colburn / Aldo Giannotti / Ana de Alvear / Isaac Julien / Florian Gwinner / Simone Hooijmans / Concha Jerez / Michael Koch / Wolfgang Lehmann / Juan Antonio Lleo / Sofia Hulten / Floris Kaayk

MMCA Seoul

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea. Gwangmyeong-ro, 427-701, Seoul. South Korea.

Saturday, 4th, 11th and 18th of September, 2010. VIVA Collections on Tour. Presented by Macu Morán

Ana de Alvear / Joost Bakker / Francis Alÿs / Sofia Hulten / Douwe Dijkstra / Anthony Goicolea / Patrick Tuttofuoco / Nathalie DjurbergWolfgang LehmannMariko Mori / Rui Calçada Bastos / Floris Kaayk / Andrezza Valentin & Guilherme Marcondes / Aili Chen / Narineh Daneghyan / Simone Hooijmans / Simone Lecca

Saturday, 25th of September, 2010. Restless (e)motion. Presented and Curated by Macu Morán

Bigas Luna / Fernando Baena  / Chus García-Fraile / Amparo Sard / Francesca Llopis / Oscar Seco / Maria José Chinchilla / Maria Cañas / PSJM / Evaristo Benítez / Ana de Alvear / Enriqueta Rocher / Felipe Ortega / Cristina Martin Lara / Dionisio Gonzalez / Daniel Silvo / Carmen Espla


Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona (CCCB). Montalegre, 5. 08001, Barcelona. Spain.

December 1st, 2009 to January 7th, 2010. 10am-9pm. Indomitable Women Show. Audiovisual Selection of 9th Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival (BAC!). Curated by Macu Morán

Maya Deren / Carolee Schneemann / Judy Chicago / Yoko Ono / Beryl Korot / VALIE EXPORT / Joan Jonas / Ana Bella Geiger / Colette / ORLAN / Marisa Gonzalez / Guerrilla Girls / Ximena Cuevas / Joan Logue / Suzanne Lacy / Lynn Hershman / Paloma Navares / Dara Birnbaum / Tracey Moffat / Coco Fusco / Terry Berkowitz / Amy Greenfield / Jenny Marketou / Angie Bonino / Maria Fernanda Cardoso / Mariko Mori / Martha Rosler / Ana de Alvear / Beth Moyses / Dora Garcia / Sigalit Landau / Ester Achaerandio / Grimanesa Amoros / Paula Anta / Carmen Arrabal / Gloria Arteaga / Cristina Artola / Lidia Benavides / Patricia Betancur / Roxanne Billamboz / Raquel Bravo / Johanna Bruckner / Patricia Bueno / Beatriz Caravaggio / Laura Celada / Marcela Cernadas / Izumi Chiaraluce / Maria Jose Chinchilla / Heroinas de la Cultura / Ana DeMatos / Begoña Egurbide / Carmen Espla / Mari Carmen Garcia Maheredo / Regina Jose Galindo / Chus Garcia-Fraile / Amparo Garrido / Nuria Gil / Anna Gimein / Heide Hatry / Olga Kisseleva / Hye Rim Lee / Jin Lee-Kyung / Glenda Leon / Francesca Llopis / Laila Lobo / Cristina Martin Lara / Sabine Massenet / Laura Mergoni / Macu Moran / Post Op / Funda Ozgunaydin / Teresa Puppo / Gabriela Larrañaga / Graciela Taquini / Enriqueta Rocher / Eva Rohweder / Alejandra Rotondi / Lorena Mendez / Ana Luisa Sanchez-Law / Eva Sanchez / Dafna Shalom / Jacklyn Soo / Evelin Stermitz / Rosalin Suero Castillo / Mariana Vassileva


Fundació Joan Miró. Montjuic Park, 08038, Barcelona. Spain.

Friday, 4th of December. 2009. 5pm.

Vernissage: Indomitable Women Show, as the audiovisual section of the 9th Edition of BAC!Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival.

Maya Deren /  Dara Birnbaum / Carolee Schneemann / Judy Chicago / Yoko Ono / VALIE EXPORT / Joan Jonas / ORLAN / Guerrilla Girls / Beryl Korot / Suzanne Lacy / Tracey Moffat / Mariko Mori / Martha Rosler / Dora Garcia


Manifesta 8 · European Roaming Biennial of Contemporary Art. Murcia. Spain.

8th of October to 14th of November. 2010. 10.30am to 8.30pm. Muralla Bizantina, Cartagena.

18th of November to 30th of November. 2010. 10am to 9pm. Centro Parraga, Room 5, Murcia.

2nd of December 2010 to 9th of January 2011. 10am to 9pm. Fundacion Pedro Cano, Blanca

Exhibition: Capturing North-African Sunbeams. Curated by Macu Morán. Participating Artists: Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Frederick Devaux, Mounir Fatmi, Katia Kameli, Omar Mahfoudi and Zineb Sedira.

instituto cervantes

The Cervantes Institute is a worldwide non-profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991, becoming the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of Spanish language and culture. Participation in two cultural roundtables:

· Mar.07 – Institute Cervantes New York: Roundtable: “Globalization in art” – Organized and moderated by Gallerist Blanca Soto, participanting: Macu Moran (New Markets Director for, Maria Baro (Baró Gallery), Jonathan Goodman (art critic), Laura Revuelta (cultural journalist for ABC) and Omar Lopez-Chaoud (art curator).

· Dec.09 – Institute Cervantes Madrid: Roundtable: ”The future of Videoart” - Organized and moderated by Iury Lech (Director of Madatac Festival) participating: Macu Moran, Maria Pialler (Director of TV program Metropolis RTVE ) and Carlos Trigueros (Hamaca).


Metropolis. Televisión Program RTVE. La 2. Spain.

8th of July. 2011. 10pm. Works for Perú Audiovisual. Pre-selected by Macu Morán. Including: Gloria Arteaga / Patricia Bueno / Angie Bonino / Susana Perrotet

30th of March. 2012. 10pm. Presentation of Indomitable Women. Curated and Introduced by Macu Morán. Showing clips of the works by Judy Chicago, Ana de Alvear, Terry Berkowitz and Jenny Marketou.

Digits Without Borders

DIGITS Without Borders is the non-for-profit organization dedicated to produce projects towards cultural development, promoting the exchange of ideas among disciplines, helping on the integration of new technologies, promoting individual and critical though and the development of communities with social disadvantages. Promoting creativity and innovation, different projects have been developed in collaboration with DIGITS without borders, always towards the common goal of a more equitable and sustainable future for our societies, approaching subjects such as gender and race equality and environment protection.

BE.BOP · Black Europe Body Politics: Conferences, Screenings and a Transdisciplinary Symposium on De-colonial Aesthetics: Directed by Macu Moran, Curated by Alanna Lockward with the advise of Walter Mignolo. Touring through: Kwa-Zulu Natal Society of Arts, Durban, South Africa; The Bioscope Independent Cinema, Johannesburg, South Africa, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia; 11th Bienal de La Habana, Havana, Cuba; Goldsmiths University, London, UK;  Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany and Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, Germany.

COOLSTORIES for when the planet gets hot III: Presentation of the 19 audiovisual works on climate change, selected out of the international contest developed annually by Artports_MAKING WAVES. The selection was exhibited at the Cineteca Matadero, exhibiting the compromise of a number of international artists with the preservation of our environment, by Anne-Marie Melster, co-director of the program, and Macu Moran, who helped as jury of the international contest on its third edition.

INDOMITABLE WOMEN: Presented within the Festival Miradas de Mujeres, which fights against the unfair number of exhibitions of women artists within the artistic circuits presenting exclusively their works during the month of March. This audiovisual show, curated by Macu Moran, exhibits the talent of 82 women artists from all over the World, through their audiovisual pioneer creations.


White Box. 525 West 26th Street. New York, 10001. USA. Since its foundation in 1998 by a group of international curators and artists, Whitebox Art Center has been continuously committed to staging original, conceptually driven shows of emerging as well as established artists. Emphasis has also been placed on reintroducing underrepresented and unaffiliated mid-career artists and on theme-curated exhibitions.

22nd to 30th of March, 2008. Symposium and Screenings: In Focus VideoArt. Organized by Macu Morán.

Participating: Thyrza Goodeve / Roger Welch / Dara Birnbaum / Carolee Schneemann / Joan Logue / Macu Moran / Rafael Vostell / Alice Judelson / Lori Zippay / Harry Stendhal / Elga Wimmer / Blanca de la Torre / Amanda McDonald Crowley / Natalie Angles / James Wagner / Eric Shiner / Marco Antonini / Heide Hatry / Micaela Giovannotti / Raphaele Shirley / Michelle Handelman / Juan Puntes / Andrey Parshikov / Masha Sha / Alina Blumis / Don Porcella / Andrea Merkx / Jonathan T.D. Neil / Janet Biggs / Claire Olivier / Peter Duhon / Andres Laracuente / Robert Ayers / Lisa Dahl

Exhibiting: Dennis Oppenheim / Dara Birnbaum / Sigalit Landau / Regina Jose Galindo / Roger Welch / Marina Abramovic / Amparo Sard / Gary Hill / Ragnar Kjartansson / Wolf Vostell / Chris Moukarbel / Roberto Ago / Virginie Yassef / Ana Prvacki / Cecilia Bonilla / Pernille With Madsen / Lucia Uni / Young-Hae Chang / Joshua Callaghan / Wojciech Gilewicz / Moira Ricci / Marcella Vanzo / Hans Op de Beeck / Hiraki Sawa / Tommy Hartung / Maria Antelman / Stefano Cagol / Adrian Paci Minette Vári / Regina Jose Galindo / Heide Hatry / Carolee Schneemann / He Cheng Yao / Sonia Khurana

ballhaus berlin

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse. Naunynstr. 27. 10997, Berlin. Germany.

4th of May to 6th of May, 2012. From 10am to 6pm. Transdisciplinary Roundtable and Screening: Black Europe Body Politics (Be.Bop). Directed by Macu Morán, Curated by Alanna Lockward and Advised by Walter Mignolo.

Jose Manuel Barreto / Manuela Boatca / Artwell Cain / Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio / Gabriele Dietze / Simmi Dullay / Elvira Dyangani Osse / Jeannette Ehlers / Fatima El Tayeb / Heide Fehrenbach / Quinsy Gario / Ylva Habel / Ulrike Hamann / Nico Horn Grada Kilomba / William Kentridge / Michael Küppers-Adebisi / Rozena Maart / Tracey Moffatt / IngridMwangiRobertHutter / David Olusoga / Minna Salami / Robbie Shilliam / Sumugan Sivanesan / Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung / Robert A. Stemmle † / Emeka Udemba / Rolando Vazquez
Rencontres internationals

Rencontres Internationals born in 1997 as an interdisciplinary project designed to promote new cinema, video and multimedia. Each year in Paris, Berlin and Madrid, the event presents an international program which brings together well-known directors on the international scene, along with young artists and film makers whose work has not been widely distributed, bringing a wider audience to audiovisual art works and facilitating movement between the different creative spheres.

In April 2010 Macu Moran collaborated with the Dissertation: “Collecting Moving Images” at the Sala Alcala 31 de la Comunidad de Madrid.


Artports_MAKING WAVES : COOLSTORIES for when the planet gets hot III

16.Feb.2012: Cineteca Matadero, Plaza de Legazpi, 8, 28045 Madrid, Spain. Presentation of audiovisual artworks developed by 19 international artists, exhibiting their compromise with the preservation of our environment, selected by the jury from the international contest developed annually by Artports_MAKING WAVES on the subject.

The Jury of this selection included: Mahen Bonetti, Founder & Director, African Film Festival, Inc., New York; Kathleen Bühler, Curator Contemporary Art, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland; Fredi Casco, artist/editor/curator, Adviser Visual Arts Cultural Ministry Paraguay. Asunción; Isa Cucinotta, Programming Associate at Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York; Javier Duero, Art Critic and Curator, Madrid, Spain; Alicia Marvan, Program Director, Guapamacátaro Arts & Ecology Residency, Mexico; Macu Moran, Director of iMAGERY AFFAIRS, Madrid, Spain; Lyle Rexer, Curator and Critic, New York; Sabine Maria Schmidt, Curator Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany

Artist selected: Anna Beata Baranska (Poland), artalquadrat (Gema and Monica del Rey, Spain), Andrea Bianconi (Italy/USA), Oscar Boyson (USA), Annie Briard (Canada), Baptist Coelho (India), Sergio Cruz (Portugal/UK), Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez (USA), Guillermo Hermosilla Cruzat (Chile), IngridMwangiRobertHutter (Germany/Kenya), Richard Jochum (Austria/USA), Wojtek Klakla & Pierre-Alain Morel (Poland/Switzerland), Lemeh42 (Italy), Eva Marosy-Weide (Australia), Lukas Matejka (Slovakia), Tricia McLaughlin (USA), Sergio Sotomayor (Spain), Emma Wieslander (Sweden/UK), Sharon Zhuxiaoyuan (USA/China).


15.Feb.2012: Restless (e)motion: Curated by Macu Moran. Including works: Bigas Luna: Collar de moscas, /Fernando Baena:Videos del Deseo / Chus Garcia-Fraile: Running / Amparo Sard: Dudando del momento perfecto / Francesca Llopis:Gotescauen / Oscar Seco:Heaven came from hell / Maria Jose Chinchilla:Transformación / Maria Cañas:Toro’s revenge / PSJM: Video Spot Mars / Evaristo Benitez: Jeux de mains / Ana de Alvear: An unusual Mob / Enriqueta Rocher:Under the skin / Felipe Ortega: About reconciliation 10 / Cristina Martín Lara: Landpartie if / Dionisio Gonzalez: Elegia 1938 / Daniel Silvo: Tecno-olivesCarmen Esplá: Rain

16.Feb.2012: COOLSTORIES: Screening on Environment preservation by Artports_MAKING WAVES. Including works: Tricia McLaughlin: History of the WorldSergio Sotomayor: Wood II IngridRobertMwangiHutter: Reviving The Fittest Anna Beata Barańska: Man Belongs to Earth / Emma Wieslande: Dirty, Dirty Trees /Andrea Bianconi: FightingNature /Sharon Zhuxiaoyuan: Erosion Richard Jochum: Rear Window View / Baptist Coelho: No Go / Lukáš Matejka: Breathing exercise on a green meadow / Eva Marosy-Weide: Situation Normal / Sergio Cruz: ExoticaAnnie Briard: A Plant Wedding / artalquadrat: Healing / Lesser González Alvarez: Funerary Boat /; Pierre-Alain Morel : Welcome to the Jungle/ Oscar Boyson: The Value of Trees / Guillermo Hermosilla Cruzat Lemeh42: Per fare un tavolo (How to make a table)

18.Feb.2012: BE.BOP · Black Europe Body Politics: Screening on De-colonial Aesthetics: Curated by Alanna Lockward. Including works: Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio: Hommage à Sara BartmanJeannette Ehlers: Black Magic At The White HouseWilliam Kentridge: Black Box/Chambre Noire / IngridMwangiRobertHutter: Cutting the maskEmeka Udemba: Dancing with the Star

9.Mar.2012 – 24.Mar.2012: INDOMITABLE WOMEN: Screenings of audiovisual works developed by 82 women artists. Including works by: Maya Deren / Carolee Schneeman / Judy Chicago: Atmospheres / Yoko Ono / Beryl Korot / VALIE EXPORT / Joan Jonas / Ana Bella Geiger / Colette / Orlan / Marisa González / Guerriila Girls / Ximena Cuevas / Joan Logue / Suzanne Lacy / Lynn Hershman / Paloma Navares / Dara Birnbaum / Tracey Moffat / Coco Fusco / Terry Berkovitz / Amy Greenfield / Angie Bonino / Maria Fernanda Cardoso / Mariko Mori / Martha Rosler / Beth Moyses / Dora García / Jenny Marketou / Ana de Alvear / Sigalit Landau / Ester Achaerandio / Grimanesa Amoros / Paula Anta / Carmen Arrabal / Gloria Arteaga / Cristina Artola / Lidia Benavides / Patricia Betancur / Roxanne Billamboz / Raquel Bravo / Johanna Bruckner / Patricia Bueno / Laura Celada / Marcela Cernadas / Izumi Chiaraluce / Maria Jose Chinchilla / Heroinas de la Cultura / Ana de Matos / Begoña Egurbide / Carmen Esplá / Mari Carmen García Maheredo /  Regina Jose Galindo / Chus Garcia Fraile / Amparo Garrido / Nuria Gil /  Anna Gimein / Heide Hatry / Olga Kisseleva / Hye Rim Lee / Jin Lee-Kyung / Glenda León / Francesca Llopis / Laila Lobo / Cristina Martin Lara / Sabine Massenet / Laura Mergoni / Macu Moran / Post Op / Funda Ozgunaydin / Teresa Puppo, Gabriela Larrañaga, Graciela Taquini / Enriqueta Rocher / Eva Rohweder /
Alejandra Rotondi, Lorena Mendez / Ana Luisa Sanchez-Law / Eva Sanchez / Dafna Shalom / Jacklyn Soo / Evelyn Stermitz / Rosalin Suero Castillo / Mariana Vassileva


The collaboration with the epic Barcelona Art Contemporani Festival (BAC!) started in the year 2007 as a media sponsorship and developed into a full collaboration as part of the curatorial team, in the 10th Edition in 2009 and 12th Edition in 2011, and as chief curation for the 11th Edition in 2010.

2009 BAC! 10th Edition · Pandora’s Box – Macu Morán presents the curation of the audiovisual international selection INDOMITABLE WOMEN, including 82 artists and 7 decades of artworks, including: Maya Deren /  Dara Birnbaum / Carolee Schneemann / Judy Chicago / Yoko Ono / VALIE EXPORT / Joan Jonas / ORLAN / Guerrilla Girls / Beryl Korot / Suzanne Lacy / Tracey Moffat / Mariko Mori / Martha Rosler / Dora Garcia

2010 BAC! 11th Edition · Time – Entering the 4th Dimension – Macu Moran acts as Chief Curator of the complete program and invite experts for the following sections: Timeless Internacional, Curated by Ana de AlvearJapan Timeless, Curated by Menene GrasArt Animation, Curated by Damian Perea; Stop e.motion , Curated by Adrian Encinas; Micro-short-art-films, Curated by Javier MuñizExperimental Textures, Curated by Gye-Joong KimMusiclip, Curated by Carmen SanfranciscoMoving performances, Curated by Emma Pills and Juanjo Fernandez; and Time for technology, Time for beauty, Time for change and Time for reflection, Curated by chief curator, Macu Moran.

2011 BAC! 12th Edition · Guerrilla Art – Macu Moran curates the audiovisual selection THE ART OF FIGHTING including works by Cesar Ordoñez, Fran Blanes, El gato con moscas, Damian Pissarra, Angie Bonino, Tomas Ochoa, Ana de Alvear and Ivan Correa.


(EBP) European Business Programme – The oldest International School for Management with international exchange programs through European Universities. A Four years program developed in two of the participant European Universities: Fachhoschule Münster, Germany / Universidad Antonio Nebrija, Spain / Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands / (BEM) Bordeaux Ecole de Manage at the Ecole de Commerce International , France / University of Portsmouth, England.

Graduation Thesis published: Philosophic, Economic and Commercial challenges faced by the market of artistic paintings in the beginnings of the 21st Century. Rotterdam, 2001.

Allianz Kulturstiftung

Allianz Cultural Foundation supported our project BE.BOP · Black Europe Body Politics, which included an international tour of conferences and screenings and a transdisciplinary symposium on Decolonial Aesthetic. Directed by Macu Morán and Curated by Alanna Lockward with the advice of Walter Mignolo.

The international tour of conferences and screenings visited during 2011 and 2012: Kwa-Zulu Natal Society of Arts, Durban, South Africa; The Bioscope Independent Cinema, Johannesburg, South Africa, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia; 11th Bienal de La Habana, Havana, Cuba; Goldsmiths University, London, UK;  Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany and Cineteca Matadero of Madrid, Spain.

The transdisciplinary symposium was developed at the  Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, Germany from the 4th of May to 6th of May, 2012, and included the following artists and speakers: Manuel Barreto / Manuela Boatca / Artwell Cain / Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio / Gabriele Dietze / Simmi Dullay / Elvira Dyangani Osse / Jeannette Ehlers / Fatima El Tayeb / Heide Fehrenbach / Quinsy Gario / Ylva Habel / Ulrike Hamann /Nico Horn / Grada Kilomba / William Kentridge / Michael Küppers-Adebisi / Rozena Maart / Tracey Moffatt /IngridMwangiRobertHutter / David Olusoga / Minna Salami / Robbie Shilliam / Sumugan Sivanesan / Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung / Robert A. Stemmle † / Emeka Udemba / Rolando Vazquez

Junta Andalucia Cultura

Junta de Andalucía. Department of Education, Culture and Sports – Thanks to their support towards the development of Cultural Industries, and their program INICIARTE, we were able to develop a parallel exhibition synchronized with public outside screenings in Madrid and New York “In the Mood for Today”. The show reflects on the mood that week days have dropped on the collective consciousness, in an attempt to characterize the identity and specific personality of each day.

Each day of the week projected a different selection of videoartworks, inviting the viewers to come back every day to glimpse concepts related to the divinities of the stars ruling each day of the week in most western cultures: MONDAY · Moon · Night · Femininity · Virginity · Fertility · Hunting · Wildness //  TUESDAY · Mars · Fire · War · Army · Weapon · Fecundity  //  WEDNESDAY · Mercury · Water · Travel · Cultures · Abundance · Goods · Commerce · Volatility // THURSDAY · Jupiter · Wood · Justice · Wisdom · Cosmos · Order · Happiness  //  FRIDAY · Venus · Metal · Peace · Relaxation · Love · Beauty · Emotions · Dreams //  SATURDAY · Saturn · Earth · Agriculture · Time · Chaos · Abstraction · Uncertainty //  SUNDAY · Sun · Sky · Light · Truth · Herds · Healing · Muses · Music · Poetry · Art

Instituto Catala Empreses Culturales

From 2007 to 2011, the Generalitat of Catalunya, through their Institut Catalá de Empreses Culturals, has supported many of our international endeavors, through their detailed program of sponsoring the internationalization process of the cultural industries from Catalunya.


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain - Through their programs towards the development of the Spanish Cultural Industries, towards the development of the Fine Art Industries and towards the Cinema and Audiovisual Arts Industries, the department of Culture of the Government of Spain has allowed the production of many of our projects, from 2005 to 2012. Programs that, due to their non-for-profit profile, would not have been possible otherwise.