Contemporary Artists Agency

iMAGERY AFFAIRS would work as an International Art Agency for a selected number of artists, most of them the winners of the iMAGERY DIMENSION contest.

· Assisting on the digital cataloguing, marketing and international promotion of their imagery, following international standards and keeping track of the trajectory of acquisitions.  This detailed display helps curators and collectors find works that suit their lines of interest.

· Consulting on the different suitable strategies to market each artwork, according to the production costs, scope of purpose and medium. Pricing of the works can be clearly published and updated once part of the series have been sold.

· Curatorial context and customized introduction of their work to collectors, press, curators and general public.

· Public registration of the works’ copyrights and other suitable licenses to protect the work from unwanted usage.

· If requested, iMAGERY AFFAIRS can also handle the artwork rights and fees for exhibition rentals, allowing curators to access the works of their interest and exhibiting them without mediator expenses and facilitating the work to their gallery if any. Artists would need to sign a permission form for each exhibition rental where terms such as the exhibition location, length, curatorial program, catalogue details and exhibition fee requested would be clearly indicated.

· Artworks would reach higher recognition advertising through our online services whilst still respecting the acquisition standards of serious collectors, museums and patronage public collections.

· Thanks to the increasing number of institutions and organizations collaborating with us, a number of exhibitions taking place in some of the most interesting venues throughout the world are being continually developed. If suitable, works might be included in those exhibitions developed in various art venues from all over the world, yielding a wider international recognition to their inventory.

For further information, please contact macu.moran (@)