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Contemporary Artists Agency

iMAGERY AFFAIRS would work as an International Art Agency for a selected number of artists, most of them the winners of the iMAGERY DIMENSION contest. · Assisting on the digital cataloguing, marketing and international promotion of their imagery, following international standards and keeping track of the trajectory of acquisitions.  This detailed display helps curators and collectors [...]

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Global Affairs Network

During the 8 years period between 2001 and 2009, Macu Moran worked as Director of New Markets for artnet Worldwide Corporation, in charge of the Ibero-american and Australian market, as well as south of Europe, including Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. She was also in charge of the then upcoming art markets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn [...] Read More Portfolio

Media Art Expertise

iMAGERY AFFAIRS, through its project Video Art World (nowadays iMAGERY MOTION) has been strongly focused on establishing the value and historical significance of New Media Art, allowing it to gain the importance and respect that Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Prints have commonly been regarded within the art world. By creating and promoting market standards for the appropriate [...]

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Pioneering Online Platforms

iMAGERY SPECTRUM · Progressive Projects The Holding Project, iMAGERY SPECTRUM englobes all the projects developed since 2005. It includes all the online platforms developed, as well as the offline projects. iMAGERY AFFAIRS · Art Agency & Consulting Consulting dedicated to the planning, direction and execution of cultural events for some of the most active cultural [...]

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