Curated by Macu Morán for the 1st Edition of the WeArt Contemporary Art Festival of Barcelona, dedicated to the theme Sex, the selection Illusory Sex brings about many different approaches to sex and erotic actions developed by and towards different profiles. A broad variety of works that try to express the broad variety of tastes into the matter, different strokes for different folks.

In an attempt to explicitly show those differences, the selection invites visitors to peep outside of each one’s comfort zone, and understand the motivations behind the different ways of enjoying sex.


BURKING Manu Marpel / Guillermo Barreira Spain   2010   1’00”
SWEET MOV(I)E Ian Ijäs Finland   2010   3’15”
A WAY TO LOVE Edgar Alberto/Maria Teresa Horta Spain   2010   5’37”
KAGAMI Cesar Ordoñez Spain   2010   4’02”
EXPECTATIONS Heide Hatry Germany   2007   2’47
SILENT ROOM Begoña Egurbide Spain   2007   3’19”
3’30” DKDENCIA Daniel Diosdado / Vanesa Calderon Spain   2012   4’31”
GLANOST Daniel Silvo Spain   2012   3’24”
BUNDA PANDEIRO Carlo Sampietro Italy   2012   2’05”
PLEASURE=LOVE Antonio Ortuño Spain   2004   4’12”
INSTINTO Y CONSCIENCIA Carlos Villar Spain   2011   2’11”
KYS | KISS Julie Nymann Denmark   2012   3’00”
SPORTIVE HEART Fernando Baena Spain   2004   1’27”
SEX PARTY TRANZMARIKABOLLO Post Op Spain   2006   6’57”
HELIOGABALO’S PORNUTOPIA I Antonio Mv/ Mariana Tengner Barros/Nuno Miguel Portugal   2012   2’40”
HOMO VERRES III Ivan Correa Spain   2010   8’11”
CONIUNCTIO Alessandro Amaducci Italy   2011   4’00”
GET ME Damian A. Pissarra & Tea Guarascio Argentina   2012   4’04”
METROSEXUAL Fran Blanes/Eduardo Robles Argentina/Spain   2012   4’18”
GOODYBOX Julien Deparis/Marc Rius France   2010   1’20”