iMAGERY AFFAIRS · Art Consulting Services

Thanks to our 15 years of international experience on the Contemporary Art Field, we can offer expertise consulting for different clients.

Each client would be addressed according to their particular needs and interests.




Museums, Institutions, Galleries, Press and Public boards:

- Integral Project Management

- Organization of symposiums, seminars, conferences, courses and talks on contemporary art and transdisciplinary topics (access to worldwide specialists on each specific field)

- Site-specific curations

- Art reviews and essays writing

- Public art commissions

- Technical services on demand

- Internationalization services

- Public and international cultural press relations

- Online promotion (120.000 contacts, including collectors, art professionals and press worldwide)

Contemporary Artists:

- Study of the artist profile, particular style and position in the market.

- Career management and counseling for established and emerging artists

- Curatorial reviews and essays writting

- Exhibition programming

- Technical production and audiovisual post-production

- Portfolio website & App development

- International cultural press promotion

- Intellectual property rights advice

- Representing gallery search

- Sales management and mediation

- Online promotion (120.000 contacts worldwide)

Private Collectors:

- Market standards expertise consulting

- Collection curatorial line development

- Budget management, bartering, acquisitions and rentals

- Collection cataloging (digital and printed)

- Specific art/artist trend analysis

- Appraisal advice and certifications

- Professional restoration, new media preservation and framing advice

- International tours for collections

- Localization of artworks on demand

- Sales management and mediation

- Import/export integral management, specialized packaging, shipping, storaging and customs

Corporate Collections and Business:

- Along with the private collector and institutional services, we would present you customized proposals that best would suit the image, dynamic and social marketing approach of your company, which would also act as an investment on the mid term.

The selection would efficiently match your budget, whether it would be a single work for the lobby or numerous woks for different buildings, carefully analyzed from concept to installation display.

Art enhance your working area and provide a special ambience for both, clients and employees.


iMAGERY AFFAIRS, through its project VideoArtWorld (nowadays iMAGERY MOTION) has been strongly focused on establishing the value and historical significance of New Media Art, allowing it to gain the importance and respect that Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Prints have commonly been regarded within the art world.

By creating and promoting market standards for the appropriate collection, preservation and divulgation of these unique artworks, VideoArtWorld has helped create a clear, solid and extremely attractive market for the wave of collectors supporting this strong means of expression in contemporary art.

Our pioneering model resolved the handicaps that audiovisual art has been facing in the art market for the past decades, making a worldwide work distribution compatible with a secure and transparent market for private and public collectors. In order to be available on iMAGERY MOTION · Video Art World, the artwork must follow the edition standards that assure the preservation of its quality and value, following the worldwide collectable market guidelines for original certified editions of video and installation art.

Artworks must therefore be edited under the following formats, and its specifications must be clearly published:

• ORIGINAL MASTERS LIMITED EDITION – Issued with the smallest compression, in Digital Beta cam, Mini DV or Hard Drive, compiling the highest quality content. It should be signed by the artist, and include the certification for exhibition and re-sale rights. Often issued in edition of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 15 copies, plus 2 artist’s copies, being purchased to become part of collections with the right and responsibility to restore it when necessary, assuring the preservation and protection of its full quality within years to come.

• OPEN EDITION FOR EXHIBITION’S DISTRIBUTION – Issued with exhibition quality, often in DVD with small compression, these editions have the right to be rented for exhibition displays. A distributor often manages this rental activity, but the representative gallery or the artist can also manage it.

• COPIES FOR OPEN EDITION DISTRIBUTION – Compressed copies for private and educational use, normally issued in DVD, pen-drives, Internet files or mobile technologies. These copies do not have the right to be publicly displayed nor re-sold within the art market. They are often given for dissemination to the press, critics, curators and general public as they can be massively distributed by a DVD publisher, promoting the general awareness of the piece without breaking its market of original edition. This edition extends the life of the piece once the original set has been sold out, allowing it to continue reaching new audiences.

Our expertise knowledge within the art market were able to develop these VideoArtWorld standards, which were supported by lawyers specialized in intellectual property rights, with the aim of establishing and promoting the industry worldwide, and serving its entire community. By supporting this common effort the market of moving images art has reached the level of importance and credibility that other multipliable art mediums such as photography, sculpture and print have enjoyed for decades.

Thanks to our experience, we are confidence to provide to artists, dealers, curators and collectors with the key information that they need in order to appropriately develop their collections, inventory and body of work.

Our support goes beyond the worldwide edition standards explanation, but also include consultation for the appropriate acquisition, preservation, restoration, display, promotion and production of these delicate pieces.

Please contact Macu Morán at macu.moran (at) for further information regarding our case-specific consulting services.