iMAGERY AFFAIRS is a pioneering Art Consulting dedicated to the planning, direction and execution of cultural events for some of the most active cultural venues of the World, in collaboration with artists, critics, curators, collectors, agents and other professionals of the cultural field. As an agency for artists in tuned with our particular interests, we want to help them appropriately conducting their careers and achieving a broader international outreach.

Engaging the highest quality of criteria and execution, our endeavors include the organization of specialized Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions, Screenings, Essays, Publications, Conferences, and Symposiums. Other customized consulting and broadcast services on demand are specifically appropriate for collectors, institutions and contemporary artists.

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iMAGERY AFFAIRS is part of the Group iMAGERY SPECTRUM a complex of virtual architectures developed towards an appropriate thrive of humanity, based on the analysis and promotion of its cultural production, under the umbrella of the non-for-profit Digits Without Borders.

iMAGERY SPECTRUM · Progressive Projects

iMAGERY AFFAIRS · Art Agency & Consulting

iMAGERY MOTION · Video Art World

iMAGERY DIMENSION · Innovative Art Collective

iMAGERY HAMPTONS · Local Community Culture

iMAGERY EVOLUTION · Sensorial Thrive Space

This cultural complex has been founded and is directed by cultural researcher Macu Morán, whose ultimate mission has been creating and promoting sustainable models for the cultural industries in the digital era.

After eight years as Director of New Markets for artnet Worldwide Corporation in New York, her broad interest in Technology-based art, brought her to establish in 2005 the VideoArtWorld organization, in oder to create, set and promote the international standards, commonly accepted worldwide today, for the appropriate valuing, disseminating, collecting and preserving of intangible artistic creations.

Seriously committed to the evolution of humanity through sensitivity and innovation, she has expanded her projects into a variety of specialized areas within the contemporary art field. Nowadays all her projects are hold under the umbrella of iMAGERY SPECTRUM · Progressive Projects.

Macu Morán graduated in International Business at Erasmus University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, focusing her thesis on the Economic and Political analysis of the art industry. Afterwards she continued her theoretical engagement with Art History bachelor’s studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid as well as through her participation at the modules of Art Criticism from the Master on Art Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, the Fine art Appraisal and Cataloguing studies offered at the New York University, and the MA in Audiovisual Arts organized by the MACBA Museum and Universidad Ramón Llull of Barcelona. Furthermore, she completed her art studies following the entire educational program of 3rd Ward Art School of Brooklyn.

As researcher, she has developed a number of research essays on art economy, the industry of intangible, perception in art and science, audiovisual art approaches and technologies, appropriation in art, Internet as a universal archive and spirituality in contemporary art.

Recently, her research is focused towards the importance of creativity in the development of consciousness, studying the intensive course of the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona on Art Therapy, the Cognitive, Sensorial, Motor and Psychomotor Development course offered at Sigma Formación, art education for children as well as various alternative imagery therapies towards a holistic human thrive.

Her experience as chief curator started at DiVA Fairs New York and Paris, followed by several editions of Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival (BAC!) and VIVA Collections on tour. She has presented exhibition programs and lectures in diverse international venues, such as MANIFESTA European Roaming Biennial, Art|Basel FairCentre Pompidou Paris, Fundació Joan Miró, MMCA Seoul, Hara Museum Tokyo, CCCB Barcelona, Wilfredo Lam Havana, Casa Asia, ICP New York, Fundación Marcelino Botin Santander, Cervantes Institute New York, Arts Santa Mónica Barcelona, Fundacion Suñol, Fundación Alianza Hispanica, University of Cordoba, WHITE BOX New York, KINETICA London, Technarte Bilbao and at the festivals Rencontres Internationals, EXiS Seoul, CologneOFF, Mouvart Marseille, BANG Barcelona, Experimenta Sao Paulo, MadAttack Madrid, Big Screen Plaza New York, CIRCO Havana, Musiclip Barcelona, WeArt Barcelona, International Film Festival of Soria, Biennial Videoakt Barcelona, etc.

Besides her net-art communities projects, as an artist she keeps researching into different mediums, including writing, painting, hand processing color photography, super 8, 3D modeling, 2D animation, bioart, arduino robotics, experimental sound, apps, outsider drawing, modeling sculpture, metal working and woodcarving.

Digits Without Borders is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to produce projects towards cultural development, promoting the exchange of ideas among disciplines, helping on the integration of new technologies, promoting individual and critical though and the development of communities with social disadvantages. Promoting creativity and innovation, different projects have been developed in collaboration with Digits Without Borders, always towards the common goal of a more equitable and sustainable future for our societies, approaching subjects such as gender and race equality and environment protection.

Feel free to contact her by email at:  macu.moran (@)